Bric-à-brac is a space created for reflection, in a multidisciplinary context, about topics like self-taught art, outsider art, art brut and all kinds of artistic expressions in general which are created away from the “Art in capital letters”. Its objective is to contribute to the diffusion of this sort of creations and, in some way, to invite you to the “non-naive” analysis of “naive art”. In Spain exists only few original publications in Spanish about this matter, although it can be observed that there is an increasing interest expressed in the proliferation of exhibitions. We think that a space like this one is necessary in a moment in which the situation of art brut and outsider art is being redefined. A moment which requires high quality, dialogue and transdisciplinary debate. Bric-à-brac is a section of the electronic journal Sans Soleil (www.revista-sanssoleil.com) and, as the journal, it is like a compromised loudspeaker space, from which write essays (and experiment) new ways in the study of images. Sans Soleil Magazine fulfills Latindex quality standards and are listed in various databases, library catalogs and scholarly content search engines:

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